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Vans On The Beach – LIVE: Vans Showdown 2022 US Surf Open | Skate | VANS

Bài viết LIVE: Vans Showdown 2022 US Surf Open | Skate | VANS thuộc chủ đề về Vans On The Beach đang được rất nhiều bạn quan tâm đúng không nào !!
Hôm nay, hãy cùng Kingbank tìm hiểu LIVE: Vans Showdown 2022 US Surf Open | Skate | VANS trong bài viết hôm nay nhé !

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Giới thiệu về LIVE: Vans Showdown 2022 US Surf Open | Skate | VANS

The Vans Showdown returns to Huntington Beach as a contest where culture overrides competition. This inclusive contest will feature all of the most relevant street skaters from around the world. Vans Showdown celebrates skate culture by bringing together the world’s most exciting and stylish skaters alongside brand partners Palace, Hockey, Alltimers, Spitfire, Quasi and friends.

Through jam formats, riders will be awarded for style and unique approach as opposed to routine contest runs and traditional approach to competition. This year’s event artwork was created by Todd Francis and Mike Gigliotti. We will be repurposing all build materials through the Skatepark Project to donate towards an current park build in Southern California. US Open will also feature the Vans Skatepark, which Vans will provide access to the local community and NPO partners throughout the nine days to experience riding or skating this unique course design.

About Vans US Open of Surfing:
Vans US Open of Surfing is the largest professional surfing competition and action sports festival in the world, hosting the world’s best surfing, skateboarding and BMX action each year.

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About Vans Skateboarding:
Listening to skateboarders is what transformed Vans from a shoe company into an icon of creative expression. So at Vans, we’ll always listen to skateboarders. Because of what skateboarders gave Vans, Vans will always put skateboarders first.

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Vans Global Skate Team:
Tony Alva, Lizzie Armanto, Ray Barbee, Pedro Barros, Elijah Berle, Steve Caballero, Curren Caples, John Cardiel, CJ Collins, Gilbert Crockett, Dustin Dollin, Chima Ferguson, Jeff Grosso, Tony Hawk, Christian Hosoi, Felipe Nunes, Tyson Peterson, Chris Pfanner, Andrew Reynolds, Geoff Rowley, Ronnie Sandoval, Tom Schaar, Tony Trujillo, Anthony Van Engelen, Kyle Walker, Zion Wright, Brighton Zeuner, and Rowan Zorilla

About Vans:
Vans®, a VF Corporation (NYSE: VFC) brand, is the original action sports footwear, apparel, and accessories brand. Vans® authentic collections are sold in 97 countries through a network of subsidiaries, distributors, and international offices. Vans® has over 2,000 retail locations globally including owned, concession and partnership doors. The Vans® brand promotes creative self-expression in youth culture across action sports, art, music, and street culture and delivers progressive platforms such as Vans Checkerboard Day, Vans Park Series, Vans Triple Crown of Surfing®, Vans Custom Culture, and Vans’ cultural hub and international music venue, House of Vans.

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Vans On The Beach - LIVE: Vans Showdown 2022 US Surf Open | Skate | VANS

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50 thoughts on “Vans On The Beach – Mới nhất

  1. losingflo says:

    I think garry was in best shape unfortunately it was not his day. Jimmy’s flip to grab was insane also tyler did so many impressive tricks. My favorite was christians plant at the wall. Mind blowing. Big up carlos, pedro, johnny and Terry 👌

  2. Ryan Sauers says:

    Bummed since this contest had sick obstacles but can’t get past the fact that everything about this production was budget as fuuuuck

  3. Michael Soltys says:

    garbage format, there is already the perfect skate comp format 2 runs 5 best trick why the fuck do these dumb fuck contest organizers choose these boring ass comp formats get your shit together vans, mountain dew, and all you other stupid slimey fucks

  4. Skate Girl says:

    Over powering music, can't hear the skaters skate. Or the crowd etc. It's like watching skating on mute. It's distracting and takes you out of the experience. So wrong. I'm out, can't watch. Becomes noise mixed together.

  5. Jacob Adams says:

    Omfg …. The host Absolutely Suck when it comes to conversations: Yeah , yeah yeah , yeah – alllll fucking day threw the video : Annoying shit . Say different words !!

  6. Berto Boyd says:

    So WTF is going on w the Vans skate Park Series? Mixing street and park and skimping out on making a proper park. Booooo!!!

  7. Jimmy Twotimes says:

    I Don’t like this course. The old pool course they used to do was better. This looks like street league bullshit.

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