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Ban Dark Souls 3 – Dark Souls 3: How to get UNBANNED (Fix Softban)

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It’s not easy, but there are systems in place that will help you. This is not affirmative action by FromSoft and they have not addressed any problems on their part. Pretty stubborn and arrogant of them to be honest.
The music in the background is from the D4 OST: Detective of the Past.

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Ban Dark Souls 3 - Dark Souls 3: How to get UNBANNED (Fix Softban)

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45 thoughts on “Ban Dark Souls 3 – Mới nhất

  1. Tirsiak Ingolf says:

    I don't really care about penalization, I really just anna write messages as moral support and hints to other players. Things are just… better this way, interacting indirectly. However I noticed that messages were disabled when I signed in again even though I was already notified of a penalization. Why it let me read/write messages the first time? I dunno, maybe it had to do with my settings?

  2. Emmy Turner says:

    It's crazy that fromsoft managed to ruin one of the best games ever for so many people who've done nothing wrong. This is the future of AAA gaming. Once you've given them the money they spitefully ruin your property.

  3. MISTBehave says:

    me over hear just playing cinder with a buddie doing our own thing my friend get the game and i try to play with him after the server got back online and i got softbanned gg

  4. OuKi says:

    It's sad how this is still relevant in Elden Ring… a game that has received 10 out of 10 scores from numerous game review sites.

  5. Abraham Khafajy says:

    way to go to kill a game, a just loaded my game data from my other pc and boom banned
    stupid shit i should of just played a cracked version, why bother pay money to buy the damn game if you get banned for the stupidest shit

  6. Alebeard says:

    Installed a mod and forget to do it offline, been penalized ever since even after removing the data and having no character active, uninstalled the game and booted it back up few years later, still softbanned, so it would seem that removing the data doesn't lift the softban atleast for me unfortunately

  7. Mac says:

    i know this is really old but ive been using an fov mod for about a year, I think having this puts me on cheater servers but I have no way of telling if I get put into these groups. I also don't recall getting a message at the main menu telling me ive been penalized. How do you know if you've been shadow banned?

  8. Ayam Zyr says:

    i dont even modify my account even for Blue Sentinel or Cinder and I was banned… I havent even picked up something from a hacker i just booted up DS3 the first time in a while and i was penalized
    ._. tf

  9. Ivo Scherpel says:

    I was banned because I played an Randomizer and the Cinders mod. I never went online with the modded data and even deleted all the data and reinstalled the game before trying to play online with a friend whos new to the game and then I got the notification that i am banned. Wasnt just a soft but a hard ban. I have messaged the support and I was unbanned. But that sucked so much …

  10. LasGana says:

    If someone gave me items and I only play offline, may I get banned or not? I continued using that account with no problem/no ban

  11. Demonite says:

    Some scrub disconnected me from the server because he couldn't beat my sorcerer in a 1v1 in the arena and it resulted in a draw. I hope he didn't mess with my data, I have a backup from 2 days ago or so, but if I get banned that's not helping much, I guess.

  12. Skully says:

    recommended these to my friend and he said his ps4 was suspended or something does this help or is he never gonna get unbanned?

  13. JPG Ghost says:

    I hate how they dont understand that majority of people that use cheat engine, literally only use it to make builds. They expect us to grind out literally hundreds of hours just so we can use a different weapon or in some peoples cases just to boost some vitality. Its fucking bullshit. As someone who has literally sunk thousands upon thousands of hours into these games I'm not going to waste time playing through each build 3 if not 4 times just to PVP in 2 areas.

  14. Prâk the Obvious says:

    Funny thing is i didnt know that i was penaltized happend a year ago i was fighing dancer when someone gave me Stuff and i didnt played it on english and now i changed language and saw the message

  15. ACDowner says:

    "Ruin the experience for other players"
    Personally. Finding a hacker or Cheater do some wild shit is the most experiencing thing, and Killing a cheater is way more fun than just 1v1ing some generic for the 50th time

  16. FBI says:

    i got softbanned cuz i was dc alot,, after that i just used way of white circlet, to restore the link to other worlds and it worked fine,, but after that i was thinking, i have a backup already before i get softbanned why not use that so i didnt get softbanned on this save and didnt use the way of white circlet,,,, but now it seems no one sees my sign, no one summoned me yet,, also i still have my way of white circlet and. i cant use it,,,, pls help!!

  17. KiwiiWorld says:

    i regret my choice in being honest in my email…..saying which mod i downloaded and telling the true reason to why i chose cheating, which was to make some progress, not to be a griefer.
    this was my first Ban….so to be permantly banned would be….to harsh period, its too much….its kinda their fault too i mean dark souls is very hard, like hard is an understatement, its worse….
    their kinda the reason cheat mods where made…. but anyway, i were honest in my email. all my data has now been deleted. and i am currently reinstalling my game. Hope i can get unbanned…..

  18. Text_me_on_Telegram @TheRadBrad25 says:

    Got this awesome recommendation of exdos6 on !G and surprisingly it came out positive with all my datas intact… Thanks exdos I recommend him too

  19. Text_me_on_Telegram @TheRadBrad25 says:

    Got this awesome recommendation of exdos6 on !G and surprisingly it came out positive with all my datas intact… Thanks exdos I recommend him too

  20. Scarletta Nguyen says:

    Today I got banned for a glitch and farming souls offline. Since I want no trouble with cheaters, hackers, invaders, I went to play the game in offline mode a few weeks ago, farming at Grand Archive until I had approximately 1 million souls and started leveling my character. Two days ago I use some consumable souls but had no idea why the soul stacks decrease but they didn't add any soul to me. Moreover, today I got soft-banned for invalid data and I had a feeling it came from my farming offline and the souls problem. Many other players have been banned for this, either. Seriously we need FromSoftware and Bandai to think and improve the situation, or at least they could remove the anti-cheat so that cheaters might continue to cheat but innocent players won't get banned for the violation they didn't commit.

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